Show Description

Orange County History Hunters – a 27-minute KLCS-TV series that follows two expert local historians, John Moorlach and Chris Epting, as they explore the rich history and hidden mysteries of Orange County, California, and beyond. The show will feature the historians traveling throughout the county, both independently and as a team, as they meet with local experts and historians, examine artifacts and documents, and investigate the forgotten stories that have shaped the region’s past. The show will combine traditional documentary-style storytelling with adventure and exploration, as the hosts bring a combination of expertise, curiosity, and passion to uncover the hidden secrets of Orange County’s rich history.

About Our First Episode

“OC Baseball’s Hidden Gems” The OC History Hunters explore the mythical 1924 game that featured local legend Walter Johnson and baseball icon Babe Ruth. The Hunters dig through old newspaper clippings, interview Linda Shay, the Executive Director of the Brea Museum and uncover some surprising details about the game of baseball.

The episode expands to include other interesting baseball landmarks in Orange County, such as the Fullerton field where Honus Wagner, Satchel Paige, and Joe DiMaggio played little-known locations connected to other baseball legends who either grew up here or simply passed through, but in legendary fashion.

You’ll enjoy the “ceremonial first pitch” for two Huell Howser fans who want to continue the fun exploration of history in their own backyards.


KLCS PBS in Los Angeles is available to an estimated
 15.5 million households from 
Santa Barbara to San Diego.

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